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Yijingyizha, my nerves a little tired." Girl suddenly covered book, looked up at me." I took a kitchen knife is preparing vegetable, almost cut my finger. Met a waiter, he came politely asked: "? I help you" "Uh -" I dragged a long tone, still did not dare to say: "Thank you, I look at myself. I feel terrible. Cell door security thought what had happened, I heard him call my name in the back, I did not dare go back and flew up the stairs. Because not yet officially winter, the property is not heated, and I sat shivering update that portion unfinished novel front of the computer, how can Chen also under the heart, from beginning to end I do not have a code word. In women's wear area picked out a dress, shoes, and just did not dare to say Ms. "No, just a little pain in the head. For in-depth thought because when I have stumbled and lost consciousness. Who is the girl in the end, she came from? She was like a ghost - the ghost unaware! Fear rashly to go home with her would not be a problem, think again, had mixed feelings wonderful things, only one side of the edge of our living together (cohabiting count it).

Opened his sleepy eyes, the sun is very harsh, cover bedtime forget to draw the curtains. You see it in the neck pinch of black hair, you look right!" Coincidence. "This put aside this girl, okay? Wait a minute, if we supposed encounter rogue, or else it may freeze to death, or else . of:? Yuan Xiaohua Xiaohua who is "" ah yes, yes . I stared at the inflow to and seductive lips, delicate neck began to distraction, you never, ever stayed! I rushed out, if we stay for a second I do not know will not be unobtrusive to wake her." Girls do not know when it was standing behind me, I suddenly big embarrassment, blushing, said:." Snow holding her parent alive, "I remember it, I remember it's babe. Indians replica jerseys . ""Oh. Indians throwback jerseys "light is abundant, I see the girl's face, her white complexion odd, Although they did not repair the scene but naturally slender eyebrows, his face colorless sadly there is another round of the world outside the United States. Indians practice jerseys

" I touched the forehead also slightly hurt, the girl pulled up a chair and sat down across from her. C from the corridor into the area, home on the sixth floor. People ah." "Do not worry, I did not malicious, of course, if the inconvenience to me it does not matter. Okay okay, the situation is not as bad as I feared, at least temporarily no. Wind out of date, so quiet. It seems there is a determined fact, the girl's mind a block of eraser - she had amnesia. Indians retired jerseys " I have to stick your girl, "just when you eat the leaves seem to say what you call good strange name, hard to remember, I did not remember I told you . A book that has such features is the most beautiful girl in the eyes, I do not know is not true? Her cheeks with clothes full of dust and dirt, dirty. I stood in the snow behind, smell the fragrance of her bath, and her slightly transparent back, almost to see the shirt inside flesh. Female friends around me, like so beautiful girl very little, and some words are related to those who did not have the right to the rich and powerful older people form a couple of.