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" Grandma then looked down at his clothes, and looked to me, embarrassed smile "is not wearing a look that is the village down, which I deliberately usually reluctant to wear clothes to wear to it, but also there dragon Jiao, Jiao Long, this is new." Grandmother went around me, hugged my hand, "all right, ah, all right, Jiao Long ah, ah grandmother tell you, no matter how fierce ghost, it is also afraid of the so-called one-third of ghosts, ghosts terrifying seven, the next time you see these things, you do not be afraid, you just shout at them, you do not go curse he spat stars, they see you are not afraid, do not dare to scare you, ah." "Unicorn?" I listened to his words, can not help but frown "Kirin is something. There are some things, I think that adults do not know, but I know it is in my heart, I only have feelings for two people, grandma, grandpa, only to have feelings for a piece of land, that is the village, I think this is my home, jump on the local side, and I am neither curious nor think. I quickly turned and looked at her grandmother "Grandma! Do you have children children !!" Grandmother froze a moment, looked down my fingers, then frowned.

Finally grandma home, is said to be a little thing not to drink so much alcohol in his mouth there's no alcohol, but also went to work in the fields, but the next day that the people moved out later in our village, who also not behind the nonsense." In fact, Xu dollars really asked me, the general divination grandmother was home all the time to ask only thing divination, divination process is actually too much trouble, the grandmother of three coins, artifacts should be considered now to see her I will first ask what's character to write it down, and then flutter on the kang, throwing coins six times and look at the front and back as well as coins go home while incense, had to get up from time to time to see fragrant head ." I nod, opening like an adult, "my grandma said that only big doctor can tell me when the boy or girl, I want to be a boy. Jackets jerseys for babies " Grandma puzzled, looking somewhat helpless smile soul sister "she is such a child, while children rain burst of wind. Jackets jerseys deals

" I do not dare look at her, this is the first time I looked at the living have this feeling of fear it, and then I looked at her from my side came directly entered the room." I felt my body heavy, what you want to ask, but no strength, close your eyes, groggy sleep in the past, sleep past the moment also heard the grandmother's voice, as if with the grandfather said, "you just go child home to see what help. Jackets jerseys customized Grandmother did not speak directly to let me kneel in front to protect the family cents qualifying, then also looking for a red string, tied to the ginseng body, after incense, squints his mouth has been talking for a long while, he opened his eyes and looked at me a "Jiao Long, kowtow." Grandmother take ginseng in front carefully looked at, "into a fine, absolutely into a fine, Jiao Long ah, you take her grandmother said, in the end Editor's Note children, you Zeneng hit this thing, that is, you I see, can not know that this is ah wooden club.