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" Heart Yun Aunt waist a fork, looked at my father, "ambition, my education is to help you do, do not you see, this child is not even our mother looked down on it, this is our home, not her place to run wild, want to run wild, let her go back to her valley ." Zhuo Wei shook his head "No, you do not know, aunt to say ah." Grandma looked at her, "how the child has a problem yet, I do not say, if the child crying at night, you took the scissors put under the pillow, so much the better. Man I are gone, and that they lie on the kang cried, cried himself to sleep so in the past. The first time was in the river when pulling large Ah Fengxia want to die, I save big Ah, but that he saved himself. I was choking speechless, soul sister took my hand, "Well, sister to lead you to do inspections, and we then listen Zhuoshu Shu how to say ah. "You want to like.

" I also stood up "Your father so soon and find a ah, you can stepmother to you, please. As I became almost abandoned, my grandmother appeared, she deliberately went to the county from the countryside passenger sitting just to look at her grandson or granddaughter, but who did not think, has been less affected by the mother to be see the grandmother, that time has become my savior, so I was home with the grandmother. Jackets youth jerseys " Mind aunt mouth saying, some frustration, "I know quite angry, I feel so bad for Jojo, but . Mom looked flustered brother's diapers "No, ah, I just pick up after him, which is what it uncomfortable." "Why ah. Xu Gang grandma still somewhat in awe, watching her "aunt ah, I do not drink doing, my wife wife gone home to be scattered, and do not drink I get angry ah. Jackets vintage jerseys

"I understand what you mean, you want to add pro-pro?" Soul sister face some subtle, but still nod "I test out, and I know how hard, in fact, I was in the hospital practice, no one at home, are they not qualified to stay in hospital, but for love Zhuo Wei I, perhaps, I can not help what busy at home, aunt, I think you will understand, I have been home for good." I looked at him and smiled, "my grandma in there, I brought you to meet my grandmother, in fact, it is the day you saved me with big, yeah, they thought it was I saved it. Until one day I found grandmother actually pee standing up, holding a broom pimple on the fat hit me, his mouth shouting "Long Jiao ah, how can a girl like you, you are too wild, ah!" My grandmother was not hit yield, straight mouth shouting "I want to be a boy, I want to be a girl!" Grandmother playing tired, sitting on the kang broom pimple to fling sideways, look at me. Jackets throwback jersey " "No, you are a boy, Jiao Long, you have been a lie, in fact, you are a boy. " Zheng Yanjing although I did not see, but can imagine my grandfather was shocked by the way, "the hell? You said Jiao Long life committed evil split marriage? Then you must break to break ah, we could take her to Shashi Hou ah, that time we both gone, the children how to do ah! " "Your voice down. Jackets women's jerseys Subsequently grandmother eyes closed, begin mouth "that do not go away! This is the place to be your children do !!" Lee pitched voice, her grandmother is not the usual way, scared my neck a shrink, instinctively leaning sideways.