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" Grandma nodded. Grandpa asked Grandma, intersex what it meant, grandma continued to say "the future is to pick me up this line of business, after the children failed to do, do not nest in here, sir, National Cheng Kung University it!" Some scoff grandfather, mouth saying "OK, what's not your first, they are people who believe this generation, you hear these words if you had let Huijuan angry, let Jiao Long honest examination to college . jaguars customizable jerseys " Heart Yun looked at me and smiled, "hey, while Aunt give you red bag ah, ah not to mention, it looks big eyes Jojo'd quite like my ambition ah, rural children is too dark tan ah, aunt ah, good to dress up a little, ah, you do not get confused with the tomboy like." Grandma looked at me, "is simply like to provoke those dirty things, some good human life, nature will not peace, in short, you remember that, after seeing him, how far are you from far, hear me, do not mess with those troubles, you see this is not a device, you left a voice call, and if they saw much of it, claim your life how to do! " Xu grandmother is particularly serious look scared me, shrink the shrink neck, I looked at grandma "I know . jaguars black jerseys nike Cool elevator wall, I looked at the boy, but suddenly some eyes straight ahead, then I do not know what the words, my brain just blankly appeared word, nice. jaguars custom jerseys

" Grandma directly at me nothing Baishou "You go out to play, nothing nice ah." Grandma looked at him "ambition ah, I just let you help to buy a ticket, you do not have money, Jiao Long illness I have money to see." I sniffed at him, do not know three lame to say what he meant, after a while children, the sun must downhill, I saw three lame from his pit dug out a thing, that thing I know, I see someone sold at the market, said the grandmother called ginseng." Zhuo Wei, then let me eyes wide open, so that I can be a boy '! "But you said she was a girl when it is appropriate, Zhuo doctors ah, these words can not let Jiao Long heard ah, let her when the girl now, we have been raised as a girl, the boy suddenly became , to see how people around, ah, this account can not change ah! "grandma little anxious.

I looked at grandma grandpa, opened his mouth, "If I do not get it back is not the children would not have this thing up." Grandmother nod "with them because you are not the same, ah, you are different, so you can see, you know, you're not a freak, but to be worse than the average child, be strong ah. Grandma suddenly silent, and looked at me and sighed, "Well, since you sensible, that grandmother brought you to the provincial capital, and brought you go to a large hospital, how we listen to the doctor said, is not to say that you see a doctor is a monster. jaguars blackmon jerseys " I handed over the wicker, looking toward grandmother Zhuo scene directly pumped up the pumping her, scared soul sister screamed, "aunt! What are you doing!" Shouted the front would "not be so playing small King ah! " Zhuowei Shu-t instead took her hand "should be all right, I do know these aunt.