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Why do you do it THAT way?

By my best recollection, we started Godly Play at our church the year my almost 21 year old daughter would have been in 4 year old preschool. Since about that time, children ages 3 through fifth grade use Godly Play … Continue reading

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Easter is 50 Days / Holy Humor Sunday (April 15, 2012)

[I wear another hat in our parish – the editor of the weekly e-newsletter. This blurb appeared in this week’s edition, and I was sure everyone needed a good groan (my apologies).] Easter is 50 Days / Holy Humor Sunday … Continue reading

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The Labyrinth and Stations of the Cross

Some time ago I published this picture of two boys in our 3rd-5th grade class using two labyrinths we have. I am not a labyrinth person (caution would make me add “yet” to that sentence…) but I have many devotees … Continue reading

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“We are very much the ‘present’!”

In my post “Needed: A Theology of Children,” my friend Fran mentioned in her comment a cartoon I had shown her: The cartoon comes from ASBO Jesus, and I share it with the artist’s permission. We also use it each … Continue reading

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“Needed: A Theology of Children”

At our church, the church, the main parish hall, and parish office are on one level. The nursery and Sunday School classrooms through 12th grade are on the basement level. We have three services each Sunday in our church, and … Continue reading

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