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  1. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful blog! Great title, gorgeous photo, really useful links!

  2. Neville Andrews says:

    What a wonderful blog – thank you

    I am still relatively knew to Godly Play, and possibly a little unique as I am using it with adults with learning disabilities. I have had to work at the wondering and have had to think about the questions sometimes, but it has been interesting to see the response.

    To date, I have bought very little equipment – mainly the box’s for the parables (A4 Storage Box’s from our local stationers) and some of the material for the underlays, but other than that the only other item I have purchased is a disk from Godly Play UK with many of the pictures on.

    So where do I get all my equipment from? I literally make it myself from wood. Usually I have some of the trainees who come to our centre helping me, and in many ways that is the beauty of making it at the centre. They start their wondering as we make the various figures, and I have had some wonderful conversation and times of sharing as we have stood side by side working away.

    Thanks for the really useful links and other information.

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