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" Grandfather rushed, rushed to hold me up, the grandmother next to follow, then give me a hug put kang directly to me in the arms "Jiao Long ah, ah we are not afraid, we are not wrong ah. Jackets jerseys store " Grandmother face some embarrassment, looked at her "spiritual ah, just Jiao Long this child that non-said to go back, saying it was not used to live in this, I tried to get together tonight and bring her back, and then we'll see in the county ah." "Look sick row." Said, walked directly in front of me and protect my shoulders and looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, grandmother to see when you receive your father and mother and your grandmother, ah, you have not seen her yet." Grandmother nodded, smiled and looked at the soul sister, "Thank you mind, would you, ah. "Well, really, this money is not a small number ah.

" Then, she directly on the front desk to check in, and with the grandmother beside her mouth and asked the front desk the pretty sister, "the girl ah, this one night too much money. I listen to grandma said, after the child was twelve years old Ding, president of armor, that character will slowly harden, this time will be completely invisible, while the child is able to see the peak of the previous five." Grandma said, pointing to the hand of her mother Tracy legs. Wake up, soul sister to come pick me her grandmother, and then took me directly to her grandmother went to the hospital, the hotel housing the elevator down to the time that the woman committed suicide yesterday that floor, the elevator door opened a little, there are a few a policeman came in, I saw the woman's room was sealed, and my heart kind of strange feeling that is not clear." Xu dollar promptly change the subject but also to the spirit of my attention span to pull back.

I lifted my eyes full of silent watching him, "elevator to the . Jackets jerseys t shirt I listened to my father talking about the hand opened the door, just walked into the yard, they saw one wearing a dress ponytail scrub girl, she looks to me almost as big rubber band tied to the yard just jump yet. Jackets jerseys sale "Who? Tigers ah, you can not scare your mother it !!!" Fengxia directly up, step ran over to pick up all of a sudden tigers "little fathers Well, I hope you are not your mother scare Something is wrong ah, you where milk ah, where ah?! " Tigers still carrying small arms, pointing to the old wicker chair "Grandma, Grandma!" Upon seeing some neighbors, have some taboo that saw a wicker chair, then walked around LANGUAGE AND CULTURE "Fengxia ah, or you find Jiao Long grandmother to see it, say a child is able to see those things your mother is not never walked." I looked out the window, "basking, county real buzz. Jackets jerseys rose bowl " Carter, crying baby cough twice, started out of his mouth spits, spits the father anxious and tried to will hold the child "OK, ah go to the hospital to allow doctors to see this morning how a discharge back on the case yet." Grandma looked at me, mouth faint Road, "the old home Xianer opinion that should get you into the thing.