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" Tracy's voice trembled a little, listening to the words of her grandmother mouth Road "Aunt, I fear ah, I can not call. "But I remember my mother before leaving children to say, that to take away her pendant, ah, I can not take her young married woman, ah. Zhuowei Shu-t will take over chopsticks, Zhuo King broke off from the middle, facing up to the folder, Zhuo Jing brow slightly Organisation with, but the big bag has longer face fierce again." Everyone was shocked, because we all saw that shadow, especially soul sister, she jumped out of the shadows, pointing to the direction of Zhang mouth, "what it is ." Grandmother's voice faded, and I saw a yellow sub steaming Teng on the roof of our house, the body of a stand, stood up straight, I was shocked, feeling suddenly like a child that yellow was like villain children stand up and do not know what he meant." Soul sister, shaking his head with a smile, "You see also outside the aunt." "I want to. Jackets reebok jerseys

" Dad behind me shouted, then walked up to me, "Mom, you come back ah, Jojo, this is your milk ah, your hands yet, called Grandma." He nodded. "" ha ha, I believe? " Grandma scolded station tired, sit down and direct the body "Today I put you put words to it, if I have happened, that is your curse, you curse this big mouth, our forests at home who will not let you you have to pro-girl unpopular with you forever! " "I fight with you! Make you say my grandma !!" I instantly broke out a small universe, and ran directly grandmother rushed passed, grandmother kindly reminded her that she does not even listen, but also dare grandmother, is not in our village so ask around who would dare talk to grandma! "Jojo! What are you doing! That is your grandma !!" Dad reaction is fast, the front before I do, I gave up a hug. Jackets signed jerseys " Grandma looked soul sister smiled gently "hard Shaa, we did not so much about children in rural areas, is Sahuan children, Jiao Long by my side I picked up this is a treasure. Jackets practice jerseys " "Do not laugh, I tell you, really, yesterday was my first seven milk, our home in the evening when I suddenly heard someone shot the window, my mother thought who come to scare us, a draw the curtains, my brother would mean the window and said the grandmother came back, and said grandma shot windows, old scary. "grandma nodded.

" Then, looking at me with a smile to continue "after the sister do not tell you these, ah, you are hungry, we will go to the hotel to take a break to eat delicious ah. " I turned and looked at grandpa "What like my mother?" "Your mother likes you learn good, so after you go to school you learn well, your mother will love you, ah. Fengxia run fast, breath actually went to the river, Xu dollars terrified, his mouth shouting loudly, "Mom! Mom!" Stepping stone pit towards the river trip Fengxia pit stumbling chase, Fengxia fear out of any accident." I understand, my grandmother had never left the half-step, ah, I did not see how the grandmother money. Grandma looked at the stone saw half a day just nodded and said, "God, ah, God.