So on my morning walk…

When I’m in Montreat, walking the four-footed child is on my to-do list. I am not imaginative about this; we generally have two options. We either walk around Lake Susan (same direction, always) or take the slightly longer walk across the dam and around the barn (same direction, always).

So, really, weather is about the only thing that changes our outlook – or maybe other dogwalkers and dogs. Cookie thinks he’s the only dog in Montreat, so generally this is not preferred.

So, off the dam on July 4th, I see a tent on the Moore Field. THIS is new. I am thinking it’s perhaps the Cottagers’ Barbecue, but I wonder why the barbecue is such an unusual shape. I also wonder WHY on earth the Cottagers – who have been selling tickets for several days, at least – are so anxious to keep out people. There’s a fence around the entire deal! AND the tent seems a little small…

So much for almost 15 years of teaching Godly Play. It is, of course, “The Ark and a Tent for God,”  and my barbecue is not for July 4th picnics but is, of course, the burnt offering altar. Almost-College-Freshman got it right off. I did a bit of research and determined that this larger version is a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Florence, SC, taking part in the Christian Life Conference in Montreat. Who knew?

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