“No WAY!”

In my wanderings around the internet, I came across Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. In this YouTube offering, Mr. Whitacre conducts a virtual choir, which may be the first of its kind accomplished completely on social media. In the end, Whitacre and his producer Scott Haines used 185 voices and 243 tracks from 12 countries to perform the work “Lux Aurumque.” (You can click here to see how they did it.)

The summers are busy around here, and just last week I had Almost-College-Freshman, a computer, WiFi, and 5 minutes all together and was able to show her the video. She loved it – choral music is a Big Thing for her.

And then the soloist appeared on screen. “No WAY!” she said. Apparently the young woman chosen as soloist sat in front of Almost-College-Freshman at the ACDA Southern Division High School Women’s Honor Choir in Memphis in March 2010.

It appears that even the internet is a small world!

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