Pentecost 2013: The Holy Spirit!

IMG_7341-1My co-chairman for Sunday School events and I are an ESTJ and an ISTJ (Myers-Briggs). When we plan for our annual Sunday School Recognition each May to close out the Sunday School year, we start planning in May of the previous year! In 2013, our Sunday School Recognition coincided with Pentecost.

Last summer (in 2012) we “commissioned” a family member to create these simple doves as teacher presents. Check. They were fired, glazed, and put away with a careful note in my nagging software to tell me where I put them.

DovesIn Lent, we started planning for Pentecost. We ordered dove kite kits that we could repackage for a simple gift for each child. Done. And what would our short program be? We did the Blown-Up Pentecost just last year and it seemed too soon to repeat. I wanted something interactive – so a kite liturgy that we found online plus kite gifts were just the ticket! Our nursery chairman wanted to give a gift to the “graduating” kindergartners who were aging out of the nursery, so we ordered copies of Alleluia! Amen. (pictured below with mischievous Milo) and they arrived in plenty of time. Done and done!

IMG_0326 We purchased gift cards at the coffee shop up the street from our church for all teachers, too. I made red envelopes for them (which mischievous Milo promptly scattered in the picture above).

What could go wrong with such meticulous advance planning?

And is it going “wrong” if the Holy Spirit gently nudges us along a different path? Well, NO! But we are results driven people and we apparently need more than gentle nudges.

On Friday before Pentecost, I get a text from my co-chairman asking, “Did the dove kites arrive?” Whoops! I searched my e-mail confirmations, fired off an e-mail and received an answer on Saturday morning: “Oh, we forgot to send them.” (!!!)

I being otherwise overcommitted that Saturday, my fearless friend went out to find appropriate small gifts for the children. She had seen rainbow kites at the right price at the Dollar Store as well as a few other things; these would fit okay with the kite liturgy.

Except the power went off in our town where the Dollar Store was. Suddenly kites became pinwheels after she made a  frantic trip to the side of town with power- and pinwheels don’t fit with the kite liturgy. (Upon reading this over, she says I omitted the part where she was sprawled on the floor of Stuff Mart separating out the orange and red pinwheels from the blue and green pinwheels…)

PinwheelPinwheel bouquet

More searching on the internet found this interactive story, which we slightly rewrote to use some Godly Play language – and pinwheels and a mighty wind fit right in!

IMG_0327Traditionally, the youth (grades 6-12) receive chocolate for a gift. We found Dove chocolates on sale (in keeping with our Pentecost theme) and packaged them up.

IMG_0325And, we finished up by packaging up a few candies (Hot Tamales) for the younger children, to remind them of the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost hot tamalesAt the close of the program, we sang “Happy Birthday” to the Church and had cake and punch. It was a fun day that ran like clockwork, once we co-chairmen managed to get out of the way of the Holy Spirit!

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4 Responses to Pentecost 2013: The Holy Spirit!

  1. I’m tempted to say that your friend should have asked a sales assistant to snap a photo of her sprawled on the floor of Stuff Mart – and then for sure it would have made it into your blog! 😉 More seriously, it’s lovely to read about what others do. Red-hot candies for Pentecost I’d seen before, but the Dove ones were new to me.

    • browniesmoke says:

      If she had had the foresight to have such a picture made, it would have definitely made it into the blog! It IS funny that we have so many pictures of the steps – this photo album actually happened because the two of us were texting pictures as we worked late on Saturday finishing the details. (“I found these pinwheels – are they okay?” “I typed up the story for tomorrow…” “Here are the doves…” “I finished the red envelopes.” By 1:00 a.m., we were done and ready for the morning. I am grateful to have such a good friend to encourage me (and shop for pinwheels…)!

  2. Linda Layne says:

    bless you! You guys are devoted! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • browniesmoke says:

      Thanks for reading! I wish we were bundles of energy day in and day out and came up with programs like this week after week. What we all need to remember is that no one takes pictures and writes long blog posts about the days when everything falls apart (or worse, no children/teachers show up!) We’ve had our share of those days, too. In 2014, 19 teachers were recognized in our “Sunday School Recognition.” That’s the real story – and the real devotion! – in our program.

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