“Civil Rights Sunday” September 15, 2013

Black crucifix stained glassWhat we can leave out in this post is the usual chatter about my musings about Godly Play. This post is about something far more important, and I point you to my friend Fran’s Civil Rights Sunday post on her blog on the chancel steps:

Alright friends, I am on a mission. This September 15th is the 50th Anniversary of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church here in Birmingham. On that Sunday, at 10:22 am, dynamite planted by white supremacists ripped through the side of the church killing four young girls. The church lesson planned for that day was “A Love that Forgives.” Check out this link to learn more and get your church to join congregations across the country to share the message of love and forgiveness interrupted on that fateful day. How cool to have church bells across the globe ring at 10:22, marking how far we have come and pledging to continue overcoming hate and oppression!

Please read her blog post (full of information, ideas, prayers, and resources) and hear how a teacher workshop she attended in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama turned into something much, much bigger. Can you please pass this on to use in your church and your friends’ churches everywhere, in the US and “across the globe”?

(And, if you do use this in your home church, could you let Fran know at chancelsteps@gmail.com?)

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