The Sign of the Cross

My alter ego moonlights as the editor of our church’s weekly e-newsletter. Each week, among the usual blurbs such as might appear in your Sunday worship bulletin, I like to add one thing that interests me from my reading in the blogosphere. A few weeks ago, I linked to the Rev. Bosco Peters’ blog Liturgy. He is an Anglican priest in New Zealand who writes about, well, liturgy…

His blog entry on The Sign of the Cross received more clicks to an outside source (away from the church’s website, that is) that any other entry in three or so years of the E-pistle’s existence. So, I guess other people found that topic interesting, as well! (I am always quite hurt when I post a fabulously clever link and no one is interested enough to click….)

Then, Fr. Matthew, a young Episcopal priest with an unusual video blog, posted a new video on the Sign of the Cross, which I duly linked to in this Friday’s edition of the E-pistle. I just love Fr. Matthew’s sense of humor, but so far the click count from the E-pistle isn’t giving him the stellar reviews I think he deserves!

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