Work. Bleh.

Our work tray shelf.

(Not that kind of work – the Montessori kind of work.)

I, the one with the terrible stage fright, love to tell stories. I believe, after all these years, I am excited to see what I will learn from a new telling of the story (specifically, what I will learn from the wondering and the comments). On those days when the children wonder out loud and I can hear the gears shifting and the engines moving, I could tell stories all day long.

However, then the response time comes. Ick. If I had not been enlightened by all I’ve learned about Montessori and Godly Play, I would be giving multiple choice exams to the preschoolers to make sure they understood the three basic points of the story. That would be ever so much more organized than what DOES happen: little girls gather and discuss their boyfriends (BOYFRIENDS?). Boys race around using anything as a violent weapon. Sandstorms in the desert box. It happens. No matter how hard we work at it, some days are just like that.

Now, there are excellent days, too. This post ended with a drawing that made that day worthwhile. We’ve captured some other signs of going deeper into the story, too. Two boys – two very active boys – quietly use the lap labyrinth and sand labyrinth.

I hope to write a lot about work in the coming weeks because we (the Godly Play team at our church – the ones who would do a much better job writing this blog because they’re so amazing) hope to amp up the art materials and work materials. We’ve tried a few things to set up the classroom so that the children can find materials to make the response time meaningful (see the watercolor trays set up in the work tray shelf picture?)

Suggestions are always welcome….

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