St. Crispin’s Day Apple Crisp (10/25)

The “What Can We Leave Out…” Food Editor Cindy was hard at work on Tuesday on St. Crispin’s Day. (Note: I am PRETTY sure the “What Can We Leave Out…” question is NOT applicable to the food/cooking entries!) (On second thought, unless we’re leaving out cheese. I don’t like cheese. Then we can leave it out….)

October 25 is St. Crispin’s Feastday. On my usual Friday church e-newsletter, I cobbled together (haha) some various tidbits I had in my file, and wrote this:

Celebrate St. Crispin’s Day Oct. 25

Remember “The Charge of the Light Brigade”? St. Crispin’s Day is better known for the famous battles fought on his feastday [(The Battle of Agincourt (1814), the Battle of Balaclava (1854), and the Battle of Leyte Gulf (1944)].

However, the twins St. Crispin and St. Crispinian were shoemakers by night and evangelized France by day, eventually being martyred for preaching the Gospel ca. 286.

Catholic Cuisine suggests celebrating these cobblers with an apple crisp (and they totally intend that pun!), using Crispin apples (also known as mutsu apples). I have no idea if they are available in our area, but the feastday of St. Crispin and St. Crispinian on October 25 is the perfect time to enjoy an apple crisp (recipe provided in the Catholic Cuisine link)!

Although we live in an apple growing area, I wasn’t sure if they were available here in Western North Carolina. My friend Mary reported that indeed they are, but I could not find any in the local grocery store. I suppose the orchards and farmers’ markets might have them.

In my usual e-mail chatter with Cindy (of Pentecost Flame Food Fame), she e-mailed me the pictures, following the recipe above. She reported: “It was yummy! E, who just does NOT eat baked fruit, ate 2 helpings. Hope you don’t need any more pictures, because it is ALL GONE!!”

There you have it. Add this to your tickler files for next October 25!

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