Pentecost – it’s all about the FOOD!

One of my volunteer duties is to send out a weekly e-newsletter to all parishioners. It usually has the general sorts of announcements that all newsletters have, in reasonably short blurbs. I also like to put in one blurb of something I found interesting – maybe something about a saint who has a feastday that week, or some link of  “religious digital interest.” (I’ll let you just wonder what on earth that category might include…)

So, the week before Pentecost 2011, I innocently posted the following blurb in our E-pistle to the Philippians:

Celebrate Pentecost with a Treat!

Celebrate Pentecost, one of the great feasts of the liturgical year, with a special treat! Click here to see these Holy Spirit cupcakes and other “ideas for bringing the spirit of Pentecost alive in our meal and dessert preparations.”

I never really know if anyone is paying attention. But on Pentecost, my friend mentioned that she had read somewhere (!) about food for Pentecost, and she was planning to prepare some of those foods for a Sunday supper with friends. (Hey, Cindy, it was ME! You read that from ME!)

With their permission, here are their photographs of all the great Pentecost foods they prepared.

Flames of cheese and peppers on crackers.

Dorito flames – can it get any easier than that?

More flames – watermelon and cantaloupe.

Salami and cantaloupe flames.

The whole spread – yum!

Great feast, Cindy! Thanks for keeping the spirit of Pentecost alive. Come, Holy Spirit!

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