New Godly Play Catalogue!

If you’ve been hiding under a Godly Play log, you might not have heard that Godly Play Resources has a new catalogue! It’s always so much nicer when you can actually see what you’re buying – or dreaming about buying. Here’s the text and link from their e-mail:

Godly Play Resources, Mike Teresa and Connie, are very pleased to send you, the Godly Play Community, their new catalogue.  We heard your requests.  This catalogue represents our first independent version in a few years and includes a new introduction from Jerome, new products and returning favorites.

This electronic download version allows you the flexibility to print as you need or distribute electronically as appropriate.  It also allows us, GPR, the flexibility to add new products as they come available.

This document is a result of much collaboration, but a very special “thank you” needs to go out to Jenn Sanborn, Godly Play Northeast Trainer, for the many hours she dedicated to making this the high quality product that it is.  When the Foundation and Godly Play Resources reached out to her for assistance, we were not anticipating such an investment of time and talent.  Thank you Jenn!

Mike, Teresa, Connie

Link to catalogue



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