Celebrate the Feast of St. Martin of Tours (11/11)

Have you ever wondered about the root of the word “chapel”? St. Martin of Tours is that valiant soldier (of “and one was a soldier” fame) who slashed his cloak in two with his sword to give half to a beggar. The  relic, the remaining half of his cloak (“cappa”), was housed in small buildings that became known as “capella,” the root of our words for chapel and chaplain. Martin later became a “soldier for Christ.”

Learn more about St. Martin of Tours by clicking here, or here for a YouTube video. To celebrate his feast at home, first clean out your closets and take all those extra “cloaks” to the Shop of St. Philip’s so they may help the beggar, too. (Those of you outside of “dropping off distance” can write a check to this fine ministry – but take your extra cloaks to a similar ministry in your own hometown.) Then bake some horseshoe shaped cookies or make St. Martin’s croissants (using packaged dough if you’re not a baker) and washing them down with wine (as St. Martin is the patron saint of vintners), if you are not up to cooking the traditional goose!

The official “What Can We Leave Out…” Food Editor Cindy is on vacation this weekend visiting much beloved family. If you take pictures of your St. Martin’s Feast preparations, I’d love to see them!

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