Stations of the Cross for Children

When I reported here on our first go at doing a Stations of the Cross for our Godly Play children (ages 4 through 5th grade), several people asked me where they could find the “script” that she used.

Diane, our leader, gave me the photocopied pages she had been using for some time. It is entitled, “Stations of the Cross, Adapted from The Way of the Cross.” The final page ends with “Created by The Rev. Raymond J. Potter, Good Friday, 1980. Adapted by Kathleen and Michael Russell.”

I have the highest respect for copyrighted material, and if this is for sale somewhere and I am violating your rights of ownership, please contact me immediately so that I can remove this post. My intent is not to violate copyright but to share God’s love with this beautifully crafted script. It was a very powerful activity with our children and adults who  participated. I spent some time doing internet searches and inquiring, but I haven’t been able to unearth any information on the authors.

Here is the version we used: Stations of the Cross for Children.


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