The Job Maze

We all know I struggle with managing the response time.

On Sunday, October 21, our talented storyteller told the story of Job from Vol. 6. It was a WONDERFUL wondering period; the five children compared the story of Job to Jesus’ telling his friends that they should follow Him. After such a lengthy wondering period and a short time of prayer, we left the children to their work time.

We had a 3rd grader who attends rarely who brought a friend, which can be a poisonous combination – “work” turns into “continuation of the sleepover”! Sure enough, in nothing flat they were marking on the white board creating “Bunny Mazes.”

As the doorkeeper, I thought carefully, and decided humor would work best. I’m not often right…but I tried. I  explained that this part of the class was to give them time to think more deeply about the story in some way. I also said that there’s 168 hours in the week, which left them 167 hours to draw bunny mazes, but I had only 1 hour to encourage them to think about Job. And so I left them.

At the end of class, they proudly showed me their “Job Maze.” Sheep figured as the center “prize” of the maze; the “danger zones” around the edges featured “Job’s angry friends.” They pointed out their well-thought-out maze, and wondered if I would get after them for finding a loophole.

Nope. That loophole worked fine for me!

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