The Seven Faces of Easter (Part 1)

We’ve been doing Godly Play for about 16 years at St. Philip’s, and in the beginning we tried every which way of acquiring materials. We made many – copying, coloring, and laminating parable items is fairly easy. Cutting felt is also reasonably economical.

Some of the favorite stories are expensive. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I believe someone asked an artist in our congregation if she would create watercolor cards for the story “The Faces of Easter.” so that we could save the money.

She did not give us cards. She gave us eight framed original watercolors for one of our classrooms (the story script calls for 8 pictures on 7 cards). As we have no windows in our basement classroom, the paintings are a lovely way to see out through Christ.

(I apologize for any seasickness or blindness from flashes that my photography causes. I am simply a terrible photographer. I apparently can’t even hold the camera straight!)

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  1. Sheila Whittenberg says:

    Hi Jill, I just saw the new name and look of your blog! I love it and I am so encouraged to see you writing about your Godly Play experiences again. With 16 years of GP experience at your church, I know that you (and your church) have something important to add to the conversation. Can I suggest an idea for a future blog post? I think it would be wonderful to interview someone in your congregation who grew up on Godly Play, someone who is now a teenager or adult. I am always curious as to how GP impacts children long-term. Blessings on your work and writing!

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