What It Means to Be an Episcopalian

When the good people at our church decided to begin a group they call “Soul-Journers,” they asked me if I would be first of the “wide variety of speakers [who] talk with us about various aspects of what it means to be an Episcopalian.” I immediately said no.

I suffer from debilitating stage fright. My hands shake. My face and chest turn bright red and spotted. I am terribly unattractive in front of a group of people.

But Will was persistent, and he badgered me into agreeing to a date several months off. I realized I would NOT make it through a speech without falling apart, so I, with much help, created a story in the style of Godly Play. I told it as I would to children, on the floor with manipulatives. The group was made up entirely of adults, so the story had the added benefit of introducing Godly Play to members of our congregation who don’t often make it downstairs to the basement.

The story can be found here (part 1) and here (part 2). (Crafted by Jill Stewart at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Brevard, NC. Please credit this source when using.)


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