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“Do I really have to memorize the story?”

When people know I am interested in Godly Play, they always ask me this question. And you know what? Every time I dodge the question and try to be supportive. I don’t want to discourage ANYONE from using Godly Play! … Continue reading

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“Civil Rights Sunday” September 15, 2013

What we can leave out in this post is the usual chatter about my musings about Godly Play. This post is about something far more important, and I point you to my friend Fran’s Civil Rights Sunday post on her … Continue reading

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2013 Back to School Prayer Vigil

Every church seems to have their own spin on Back to School. We have a Back to School Prayer Vigil the Sunday before school starts. This year our county schools start on August 19; we’ll have our prayer vigil on … Continue reading

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Pentecost 2013: The Holy Spirit!

My co-chairman for Sunday School events and I are an ESTJ and an ISTJ (Myers-Briggs). When we plan for our annual Sunday School Recognition each May to close out the Sunday School year, we start planning in May of the … Continue reading

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Planning for Advent 2012

What’s up at our place for Advent 2012? We’re traveling new paths to Bethlehem this year! Our young parents have asked, and we’re trying some new things. Some things will remain the same. As we did last year, we bought … Continue reading

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The Job Maze

We all know I struggle with managing the response time. On Sunday, October 21, our talented storyteller told the story of Job from Vol. 6. It was a WONDERFUL wondering period; the five children compared the story of Job to … Continue reading

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Stations of the Cross for Children

When I reported here on our first go at doing a Stations of the Cross for our Godly Play children (ages 4 through 5th grade), several people asked me where they could find the “script” that she used. Diane, our … Continue reading

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